We offer a kindergarten readiness preschool program for children ages 3,4, and 5. Our program creates an environment designed to develop your child's potential. The Bethany Preschool Preparatory curriculum covers numbers, shapes, sequencing, colors, letter formation, phonics, alphabet, math, time, and using scissors properly. Besides the academic focus, we work on self-esteem, social relationships, motor development, and creativity. Your child will participate in enrichment units as well as units that develop number concepts, reading readiness, patterns, and manners. Our staff is both qualified and interested in the well-being of your child. Our staff has been carefully selected for their educational background, teaching experiences, and for their sensitivity to the needs of the young child.

Early Preschool Learning

Our fully qualified and certified Preschool Preparatory Program teachers are continually furthering their education to offer your child a higher level of learning and knowledge, even at the young ages of our Early Preschool students. Many of our Preschool Preparatory graduates are placed further than the standardized public school curriculum at the kindergarten level on a regular basis. Our students start their early learning in our program by mastering fine motor skills, beginning phonics, and developing their individual writing styles.

Advanced Kindergarten Readiness

Our Preschool Preparatory students have the ability to excel in our Advanced Kindergarten Readiness course after they complete the Early Preschool Learning program. We prepare our students with the skills and knowledge they will need to begin their kindergarten school year. Our intensified readiness curriculum pushes your child to achieve the highest academic and social level for success throughout the education stages ahead of them.